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What is algorithmic bias?



In this lesson, students are introduced to the concept of algorithmic bias. Students play a game that illustrates the concept through a hiring simulation. This could be the 1st lesson of a 4 part sequence.

  • AI & Society
  • 50 minutes
AI Generated image of scales where the right side scale being lower than the left

Digital Materials



  • Define algorithmic bias
  • Define training data
  • Explain how it is present in a specific AI application

Questions explored


  • What is algorithmic bias?
  • What is training data?
  • How might algorithmic bias be present in everyday things?


Algorithmic Bias
When AI produces repeatable errors that create unfair outcomes, favoring some groups over others.
Information collected together for reference or analysis. Often mentioned with computers and used to train many kinds of AI.
The way engineers teach AI to get better by learning from new data.